Ride 24/7 Cycling Club offer a series of rides from the shop throughout the week!


Our famous Tuesday evening Club rides have now ended for 2014 and will start up again in Spring 2015.


We are now offering an Off-Road ride which is aimed at MTB and Cyclocross Bikes. We leave Ride 24/7 at 6:30pm so make sure you are well equiped with lights (advised 400 lumens +)

Routes change each week and each last approx 1 Hour 30. We try finish at a jet wash to clean the bike so bring £1 if you wish.


We offer a ride on a Sunday morning which are starting on Sunday the 2nd November (10:00am)

After this date the time will be 9:30am every Sunday. It will be around 40-50 miles with a cafe stop.

Please keep an eye out for your montly newsletter which will include details for a longer ride on the last Sunday of the month.

Any questions please contact us.


Club Members

If you are not already a member of Ride 24/7 Cycling Club you can join us on the link below:


As a member of our club you are also welcome to join us on ‘STRAVA’ so you can track and see what the team and other club riders are doing:


We also have a Facebook page exclusive to our Club Members, once you are a member please join the page and you will be added by a member of our commitee: https://www.facebook.com/groups/139851616200625/

Here is our CODE OF CONDUCT:

1. Basics/Organisation
Ride 24/7 Riders Code of Conduct
1.1 I will arrive at Ride 24/7 with time to sign-on and join a group in plenty of time for the ride to leave promptly at 6pm
1.2 I am a current Ride 24/7 club member (and if not, I’ll ride with the non-members group until I do join)
1.3 I will sign back in after the ride
1.4 I will add my name on the board under the group that I want to ride with – if the group is full (10 riders), then I’ll join another one
1.5 After signing in, I’ll wait in my group’s meeting area, away from the board to allow arriving riders to sign-in
1.6 I’ll introduce myself to the group leader and other riders in the group
2. RulesoftheRoad
2.1 I will abide by ALL RULES OF THE ROAD
- I will stop at red lights
- I will move into single file on narrow roads if cars are coming – I will signal before turning
- I will slow right down for horses
2.2 I will point out or shout out for hazards e.g. potholes to the other riders
3. Pace
3.1 I will choose a group that matches the speed I want to ride at – based on the indication of the speed on the sign-in board, and the speed of the other riders
3.2 If I’m not sure what pace group to choose, I’ll ask group leaders and riders that I’ve previously ridden with which group will suit me
3.3 I will try to keep the pace steady – I will not accelerate drastically at the front of the group, or try to ride away from the other riders
3.4 I will keep an eye out for riders behind me
3.5 If other riders are dropped I will let the group know and slow down for them
3.6 I will do my turns on the front
3.7 I will hold a straight line, whether on the front, or directly behind the rider in front (not off to the side)
4. KitandEquipment
4.1 I will wear a helmet at all times on the club ride
4.2 I will ensure my bike is roadworthy
4.3 If my bike has tri-bars, I won’t ride on them in a group
4.4 I will ensure I have the means to fix my own punctures
4.5 I will bring enough fluid and food for the ride (and maybe some extra just in case)
5. Rule#5
6. HaveFun!
6.1 I will ride sensibly and courteously at all times

Club Benefits

-Discounted Club clothing

- 10% off in store (Exlcuding Bikes and Garmins)

- Private Facebook + Strava Page for members

- Exclusive Monthly Newsletter

- Organized Club rides on a Tuesday and Sunday

- VIP Evenings, special events, demo days, Club BBQ’s etc

- Discounted British Cycling Membership

- 20% off Cirencester ‘Everyone Active’ Gym Membership

- 50% off Sports Massage (Diamond-HF)

- Discounted Body Fat Tests with JW Sports Performance

Please email us for more info about our Club.


For more info please contact Dave or Mitch by emailing info@ride-247.co.uk or calling 01285 642247.

Team Ride 24/7 Flickr gallery - check out the Team in action!

Bayton Winchcombe WinBilly Osmond U48 10 Mile TTMitch Evans U48 10 Mile TTBilly Osmond U48 10 Mile TTMitch Evans U48 10 Mile TTTeam PhotoBen Luckwell Win South Cerney RRSouth Cerney PodiumMark and Ben in the Break at South Cerney RRSouthern MTB ChampsSouthern MTB ChampsSouthern MTB Champs